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The Triangle's #1 Semi Private Training Program

  • Convenient Meets Affordable

  • Flexible Class Schedule

  • Local Events

  • Black Owned & Operated

  • Family Owned 

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Adjustable Dumbbell

How Does It Work?
Where Do We Start?

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Mathew K.

Without guidance, you end up overworking certain areas of the body, and underworking others. The training provides the guidance to stay on the best course.

Ana G.

Nutrition and discipline go hand and hand. You dont get abs in at the gym rather in the kitchen and Ty always educated us on that. Circuit training was a huge part of our exercise routines and he always kept it fun and new, nothing boring which can be daunting.

Priyanka C.

I was kind of nervous in the beginning I thought it would be really hard and I wouldn’t be able to do it. But ty was very patience he talked me through everything. He gave me an idea of what to eat and workout was always fun. He was very very motivating and you could tell that he was invested in helping you.

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